Together, We’re Unstoppable

Being one of the leading providers of fuel, lubricants and services is what we do best, but at our core, we’re a brand that’s built on so much more. When we reflect on our rich history stretching back to 1901, we feel a deep sense of pride for all that we’ve achieved; the partnerships we have built, the obstacles we have overcome and the milestones we have celebrated together, as an unstoppable team.  

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An unstoppable team

Gulf leads the industry in the precise engineering of auto motor oil, supported by a foundation of methodical research and development. This dedication is manifested in the stringent testing protocols our formulations undergo, targeting extended engine lifespan and well-regulated emissions.

Expanding upon the keystone of auto motor oil, our offerings include heavy-duty oils for industrial applications, upholding the same rigorous quality benchmarks. A selection of carefully formulated lubricants complements this portfolio, targeting the minimisation of mechanical wear and maximising equipment longevity. To complete the maintenance ecosystem, our scientifically developed coolants provide optimal thermal management solutions.

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Gulf’s Heritage

Since 1901, we have been a globally recognised brand trusted by millions of people worldwide. This consistency and enduring success would not be possible without the relationships we’ve built and sustained over the years.

Discover Our History


Founded in Texas, selling gasoline in containers

Deep dive

Gulf launches the world’s first-ever water drilling operation

Fill it up

Gulf introduces the first drive-through fuel station

Hello Gulf!

Gulf’s orange disc logo makes its first appearance

In business

Gulf purchases the Barco oil concession