Commercial Vehicle


Engine Oils

Gulf commercial vehicle engine oils are designed by identifying the industry trends, undergoing extensive research and development to meet the specific demands of multiple segments. All Gulf products are carefully engineered to provide superior protection while ensuring quality, efficiency, and reliability above all.

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Driveline Fluids

We have a wide range of driveline fluids to satisfy even the most demanding applications. No matter the load, the climate, or the driving conditions; our range of products, both mineral and synthetic fluids with advanced additives, help provide exceptionally smooth gear shifting, improved fuel economy, good rust and corrosion protection, uniform lubrication, superior frictional properties, excellent low temperature fluidity and exceptional high-temperature performance.

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Other Fluids

Drive with confidence. Our radiator coolants and antifreeze will keep your car running at optimum performance, whatever the driving and climatic conditions.

Our range of multi-purpose greases can help protect wheel bearings to chassis components, ball joints to universal joints, power take-offs to kingpins, bushings to disc brakes.

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Specialising in motor oil for diesel engines and other applications, Gulf's products provide a superior level of efficiency and durability across diverse operational contexts. Our commercial oil is designed to withstand the high-load and continuous-use conditions often encountered in industrial settings. For the consumer market, our car engine oil and bike engine oil offer reduced emissions and optimised fuel economy. These oils integrate seamlessly with our diesel oil, delivering a complete, high-performance lubrication system that suits both heavy-duty and personal use. Collectively, our offerings provide a multifaceted approach to meeting a wide array of lubrication needs.