Bold Moments

Alex Albon's Bold Moments

This year, we gave you, our loyal fans, the power to choose which Gulf livery would be on track at the Singapore, Japan, and Qatar Grands Prix. After three voting rounds, Bolder Than Bold became the fans' favourite and made its first appearance under the lights in Singapore.

With the season ending, Yung Filly caught up with Alex Albon at Grove to recap his bold moments on track this 2023 season. From the bold decisions in Canada which led to being the quickest on track in Q2 to making bold moves on track in Monza, Alex shares some highlights of his season.

Blind Lap Challenge

With the Bolder Than Bold livery available in the EAsports F1 game, we've challenged Alex Albon and Yung Filly to drive it on track at Singapore. But here is the twist... they did it blindfolded! Alex and Filly worked together to see who could take the car the furthest on track. Watch the full video to see who won the challenge.

Rate the Livery Challenge

We know how popular and iconic Gulf liveries are for motorsports fans. In 2023, fans got to decide which livery would be running on track in Singapore, Japan, and Qatar. But we've seen fans across social media design their own Gulf livery on the FW45, and we've loved seeing the passion and creativity behind each fan-designed livery. Now it's time for Alex Albon to share his thoughts on Gulf fans' liveries and rate his favourites.


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